Best IKEA desk for computer Still Going Good In 2023

Budget Pick: MICKE Desk


The MICKE desk is a compact and budget-friendly choice that offers a simple yet modern design.

Mid-Range: BEKANT Sit/Stand Desk


The BEKANT Sit/Stand desk is an adjustable-height desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.

High-End: IDÅSEN Desk


The IDÅSEN desk is a premium option that offers ample storage, an integrated cable management system, and a sophisticated design.

Budget Pick: LAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk


The LAGKAPTEN / ALEX desk is an affordable and stylish option for those seeking a comfortable workspace at home.


Mid-Range: FREDDE Desk


The FREDDE desk is a gaming-specific option that boasts ample storage for your gaming gear, as well as a dedicated monitor shelf and built-in cable management.

High-End: LINNMON / OLOV Desk


The LINNMON / OLOV desk is a high-end option that offers a large workspace, adjustable legs, and a sleek design.