IKEA Bandung, Indonesia: Exploring the IKEA’s Best Store & Services

IKEA Bandung

IKEA Bandung

IKEA Bandung, known as IKEA Kota Baru Parahyangan, is where you can find ideas and furniture to create your dream house. They have multiple inspiring room settings to get motivated and tempted to spend more money.

IKEA Bandung is the 3rd IKEA store in Indonesia and Bandung’s first IKEA store on the outskirts of West Java capital Bandung. To my surprise, IKEA operates seven stores exclusively in Indonesia.

The store is wonderful like other IKEA stores across the world. There are numerous kinds of cuisines in their restaurant inside the store itself. To be precise, IKEA has brought a new and fresh vibe to Bandung.

It’s a great place to spend time with the family having a large space filled with a variety of furnishings and room models. It is similar to taking a tour of a reasonably priced, huge branded mall.

You will have precisely three hours to see and purchase all you require. They offer a sizable parking lot, adhere to health regulations, and only allow up to five people per group.

Know About The IKEA Effect Before You Visit IKEA?

Since you are reading about an IKEA store you must be aware of the “ IKEA Effect”. If not, let me explain that in simple terms.

All the manufacturing companies in the world are manufacturing furniture items, stocking them in warehouses and displaying them in luxury showrooms. But ….

….. IKEA is different here.

They came up with two different ideas-

1-Flatpacking their furniture

2- Adding labor to their products because the owners do the assembly known as “IKEA Effect”

The flat packing saved a lot of money which IKEA could pass on to their customers thereby making the furniture at comparatively low prices. IKEA furniture might even fit in the car.

IKEA can provide low-price and high-value products which is the main reason for its rising stance in the world furniture market to 40 Bn.

At IKEA Bandung, you can experience self-service shopping and savor Swedish cuisine when you are tired of shopping. The famous meatballs would cost only Rp 60.000 and yes, don’t forget to try their ice creams.

IKEA Bandung

Opening & Closing Time

The store remains open from Monday to Friday (except national holidays) from 10:00 to 21:00 Western Indonesian Time(WIB) on Saturdays and during national holidays the store remains open from 09:00 to 21:00 WIB.

The complete address of the store is-

Parahyangan Raya No. Kav.9,Kertajaya,Padalrang,

West Bandung, West Bandung Regency,

West Java 40553

IKEA Bandung_Display Area
Beds on Display In IKEA Bandung [Photo Credit: KoolKid Youtube Channel]
IKEA Bandung_local display

It’s mandatory to book your slot for the shopping visit. Here is the popular time as recorded in the Google Business Page. One can slot the visit during the lean hours.

Monday : 3 PM

Tuesday : 3 PM

Wednesday: 2 PM

Thursday : 3 PM

Friday: 4 PM

Saturday: 4 PM

Sunday : 3 PM

People spend usually min 1- 2.5 Hrs in IKEA Bandung.

Inhouse Restaurant

The dining restaurant at IKEA Bandung provides an array of meal choices, for children as well as elders encompassing selections of Indonesian specialties. Ranging from delectable Indonesian cuisine to Swedish delights, they boast an extensive assortment of dishes to suit every taste.

Whether with family or solo, take a moment to unwind and enjoy. For the day’s menu offerings, visit their official website.

Most Sought After IKEA Icecream
Famous Meatballs

IKEA Bandung Services

IKEA Bandung offers the following services-

Kitchen Planning

Are you considering a kitchen renovation? IKEA Bandung offers assistance in planning your kitchen with specialized experts available virtually, and this service is provided free of charge.

You can benefit from 3D designs, product lists, price estimates, as well as information on delivery and installation charges.

Kitchen Bathroom Measuring Service

IKEA Bandung helps you measure your kitchen and bathroom by a professional so that the exact dimension is known. The cost of measuring a kitchen or bathroom is IDR 350,000. Remember, the delivery coverage is restricted to a 60 Km radius.

Installation Service

If you require a team of expert installers for your new kitchen or bathroom fittings, you can easily arrange for their services. Orders for installation can be placed whenever necessary. To request the installation team, please get in touch with the IKEA center at +6221-2985-3900.

IKEA KBP Birthday Package

Now you can celebrate your kid’s birthday at IKEA Bandung!

IKEA Bandung lets their customer celebrate special moments. They provide all that is required to make the celebration unforgettable right from decoration for the chosen theme, party hat, invitation cards, meals, Birthday Clown, and even the master of ceremony(Host). Such an event can be planned for 2 hrs duration.

IKEA Bandung Restaurant
Restaurant at IKEA Bandung

The menu for the party food is already fixed and one has to choose the options in the kids meals package option( Kids meals A, B & C), Kiddy package option, and gathering package. A minimum of 50% will be charged as a down payment during the booking for the event.

About Bandung City

West Java’s capital, Bandung, Indonesia, is known for its temperate climate and beautiful hills and mountains. Renowned for its multifaceted cultural legacy shaped by Sundanese culture, the city is home to esteemed academic institutions such as Institut Teknologi Bandung and is quickly becoming a center for technological advancement and innovation.

Known as the “Paris of Java,” Bandung is a well-liked retail destination with a large number of factory outlets and, IKEA selling a wide range of goods. There are hip cafes and restaurants together with traditional Sundanese cuisine, making for a diverse culinary scene.

Tangkuban Perahu, an active volcano, and the picturesque Ciwidey region, which features hot springs and tea plantations, are popular tourist destinations. Bandung is well-served by Husein Sastranegara International Airport, which provides air, train, and road connectivity.

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