Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores: An Exotic One-Stop Destination.

Loves Travel Stops

Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores is a well-known chain of travel centers and convenience stores that has become a staple for travelers across the United States.

Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores have been catering to the needs of travelers for over 50 years.

With its extensive network of locations, Loves provides a comprehensive range of services, amenities, and products to meet the diverse needs of travelers, while also offering a unique country store experience.

Loves has become a trusted name for those seeking fuel, food, and other amenities while on the road.

This article explores the history, offerings, and community impact of Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores.

History and Growth Of Loves Travel Stops

Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores was founded in 1964 by Tom and Judy Love in Watonga, Oklahoma.

Initially, the company operated as a gas station, but it soon expanded its services to include convenience stores and restaurants.

Over the years, Loves has grown exponentially and now operates more than 510 locations in 41 states, making it one of the largest privately-owned companies in the United States.

This growth can be attributed to Loves commitment to excellence and providing exceptional customer service.

The company’s mission is to “Deliver the cleanest, friendliest, and most convenient travel center experience,” a mantra they have consistently upheld.

Services and Amenities

Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores caters to the needs of both professional drivers and road travelers.

Its locations offer a wide array of services, including fuel stations, truck repair and maintenance facilities, tire care centers, and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Loves also features clean and spacious restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities, ensuring a comfortable experience for travelers on long journeys.

Additionally, many locations provide overnight parking options for trucks and recreational vehicles.

Convenience and Country Store Experience

Beyond the essential travel services, Loves is known for its convenient and well-stocked convenience stores.

The country store ambiance adds a unique touch, with rustic decor, friendly staff, and a welcoming atmosphere that resonates with country enthusiasts and road travelers alike.

At Loves, travelers can find an array of services and amenities that cater to their various needs.

The primary service is, of course, fuel, with Loves offering high-quality diesel, gasoline, and alternative fuels.

But Loves goes beyond fuel, providing clean restrooms, ample parking spaces, and well-maintained showers to ensure travelers can refresh themselves during their journey.

These stores offer a wide range of products, including snacks, beverages, fresh and packaged food items, travel necessities, electronics, automotive supplies, and more.

Moreover, Loves offers a wide range of dining options, including popular fast-food chains like Subway and McDonald’s, as well as their own Loves-owned restaurant, Chester’s Chicken.

Travelers can enjoy a hearty meal or grab a quick snack while taking a break from the road.

Loves Offers for Professional Drivers

Recognizing the importance of professional drivers in the transportation industry, Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores provides various amenities tailored specifically for them.

Loves offers a loyalty program called “My Love Rewards,” which enables drivers to accumulate points and redeem them for discounts, shower credits, and other benefits.

The company also provides dedicated fueling lanes for trucks, truck scale services, and driver lounges equipped with comfortable seating, televisions, and free Wi-Fi.

Community Engagement and Initiatives

Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores actively engage with the communities it serves.

Through its philanthropic arm, the Loves Family Foundation, the company supports various charitable organizations and initiatives focused on children, education, and healthcare.

Loves also partners with local organizations to sponsor events and provide assistance during times of crisis, demonstrating its commitment to giving back to the community.

Through their annual campaign, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Loves has raised millions of dollars to provide critical medical care to children across the nation.

Convenience and Efficiency

One of Loves Travel Stops’ standout features is its commitment to convenience and efficiency.

Each location is strategically positioned along major highways and interstates, making them easily accessible for travelers.

 Loves also provides state-of-the-art fuel pumps and parking solutions, ensuring a seamless experience for drivers.

Additionally, Loves offers various amenities to enhance the travel experience. Their convenience stores stock a wide range of products, including groceries, electronics, travel essentials, and more.

Many Loves locations also feature tire care centers, offering tire services, repairs, and replacements to keep travelers safely on their way.

Technology Integration

Keeping up with the digital age, Loves Travel Stops has embraced technology to enhance customer convenience.

They have a mobile app that allows travelers to find nearby Loves locations, check fuel prices, access exclusive offers, and even pay for fuel from the comfort of their vehicle.

The Loves Connect app is available for both Android and iOS devices, providing a seamless digital experience for customers.


Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores has established itself as a go-to destination for travelers and country enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive range of services, amenities, and products.

With its extensive network of locations, convenient facilities, and community engagement, Loves continues to enhance the travel experience for millions of people on the road.

Whether it’s refueling, grabbing a quick bite, or enjoying a slice of country charm, Loves remains a trusted and beloved name in the travel industry


What is Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores?

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores is a chain of convenience stores and truck stops located across the United States.

What services do Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores offer?

Love’s offers a range of services including fueling stations, convenience stores, restaurants, truck tire care centers, and more.

How many Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores are there?

Love’s operates over 510 locations across 41 U.S. states.

What types of fuel are available at Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores?

Love’s provides various types of fuel including diesel, gasoline, and sometimes alternative fuel options such as compressed natural gas (CNG).

Do Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores have overnight parking for trucks?

Yes, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores often have dedicated parking spaces for trucks and allow overnight parking.

Are there showers available for customers at Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores?

Yes, Love’s offers shower facilities for customers to freshen up during their travels.

Does Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores have Wi-Fi?

Yes, many Love’s locations provide Wi-Fi access for customers.

Can I find food and snacks at Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores?

Absolutely! Love’s has convenience stores where you can find a variety of food options, snacks, beverages, and more.

Are there sit-down restaurants at Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores?

Yes, Love’s often has sit-down restaurants like Subway, Arby’s, McDonald’s, and more as part of their establishments.

Does Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores offer loyalty programs?

Yes, Love’s has a loyalty program called “My Love Rewards” that offers points and discounts to frequent customers.

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